Oh Baby! She's Born!

Fiona Lorraine Dieter
Born| March 31st 2015
7 lbs 8 oz
22 in

After 3 false alarms. I went into the hospital March 30th. I was not dilated at all. I had to take a pill every 4 hours and then at 9 am the next morning start the IV to be induced. By 5 pm we thought I might end up with a C section. A little after 7 I was finally fully dilated. I pushed for 3 hours, she was suctioned out, and I tore really bad. At 10:40 pm she was born - thankfully not born on April Fools Day!
Fiona was healthy and after a lot of pain medication I would be alright as well. 
I don't remember the actual pain I was in while having her. But I do remember saying to the dr I want a c section now. He said I couldn't bc she was half way out & I told him to put her back in! And anything else I said was nothing that made any sense besides "get her out / get her out now"! 

The hospital was fantastic & so was the staff. They made the experience well worth it! 

If you're wondering we are not planning on having another baby. After 4 years & 2 miscarriages - I just cannot.