5 Fave Friday

baby v.1

1. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play

I was a bit apprehensive about buying something expensive knowing she wouldn't stay in it long. However, I did not read one bad thing about this from the customer reviews as well as the all the moms I asked. Fiona was just sleeping in her Graco Pack N Play because she does not like her crib just yet.  I would have to pick her up and rock her back to sleep over and over.  Needless to say - she sleeps perfectly in this! It has been a nice blessing knowing she sleeps right by me and I can just rock her to sleep when she fusses. It is well worth it and I recommend this to any new mom!

2. NoseFrida Snotsucker
Two weeks ago I was really sick and of course I passed my cold to Fiona. She was extremely congested and had a slight cough.  You could hear all the snot on her chest.  The bulb I got from the ER (because she had this problem when she was 3 weeks old) was not working. I asked my mom friends and they all love the NoseFrida! Needless to say the night Fiona slept a whole 3 hours I went to Buy Buy Baby the next morning and bought it. Mr was willing to try anything because it is extremely hard to see your little one sick.  Unfortunately, Fiona still has a bit of congestion but I am so happy this little nose sucker has been helping her breathe much easier and has removed more snot than any green bulb! Ps. It does seem like a weird thing to do but you will do anything for your child.

3. Little Remedies Nasal Spray
Along with the NoseFrida this has been very helpful! At 3 weeks I had to take Fiona to the ER (after consulting the nurses hotline) because she was wheezing when trying to eat and then barely had any formula.  The ER had their own snot sucker and it clogged their tube a couple times.  After cleaning out her nose she ate 4 oz. That's when they gave us the big green bulb and told us to use saline they provided.  After this ran out, I did buy a regular saline bottle but found it hard to put in her nose.  This brand is made just for littles and you can either use it as a dropper or a spray.  We use the spray frequently before the NoseFrida.  The bottle is actually half gone! It is one of our favorite baby products and recommend it to any one with a little who is sick!

4. Boppy

The Boppy was on my registry and my good friend Erin gave me hers because she did not use it (she has 3 boys - so that's why it's a blue cover). I wanted this to help me with feeding her because of my poor strength in my arms. It helped a lot in the very beginning for this reason. Now we use this for play time.  Fiona love sitting on her Boppy! We listen to her music or just sit and have our conversations.

5. Pandora 
We spend every day singing and learning new nursery rhymes! Fiona loves music and it is a great way for both of us to spend time together!
Thankful for Pandora and these 3 playlists:
Toddler Radio
Nursery Rhyme Medley
Baby Lullaby Radio

** Note ** 
These are all my opinions and was not paid for any of the baby items I recommend in this post.

What are your favorite 5's this week?