Monthly Favorites

+ Baths are making pregnancy easier and much relaxing.  It is not recommended to uses bubbles so I turn to these bath salts.  [Village Natural Therapy]
+ The Shea sugar scrub smells the very best and my skin is amazingly soft and my dry hands that were cracking are not any longer! They are almost healed! [Tree Hut]
+ This shampoo smells great and doesn't leave my hair oily. [Conceived by Nature]
+ It's not just this mud pac but all these little face masks are great! My face feels so smooth right after! [MUD PAC]
+ If you sweat a lot and hate re-applying your deodorant a couple times a day, I would get this.  It does last 48 hours. But I spray it on after my shower or before I go out somewhere each day.  It is now ONCE a day though! I love it! [Dove Dry Spray]

What are your monthly favorites?


Oh Baby! 35 & 36 weeks!


Size of Baby: 35 cm (when the doc measures my belly)
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  55 lbs.  i gained 7 lbs in 2 weeks from water retention. 
Maternity Clothes:  Yes. 
Gender:  You can see here but we are having a little diva!
Belly Button In/Out: I have an innie so it's out as much as I think it can be!
Stretch Marks: Yes, on my sides.
Labor Signs: false contractions started.. 
Movement: all the time! 
Sleep: Sometimes good. Mostly I sleep during the day.
Cravings/Aversions:  Dairy. I am avoiding everything that gives me GERD.
Symptoms: everything/ every where pain! Swollen face & hands. More frequently bathroom. Exhausted! 
Feeling: nervous & excited 
Best Moment this Week: the amount of movement is crazy! 
What I Miss: Medicine. Meaning muscle relaxers. My back is just killer between pregnancy & fibro.
What I’m Looking Forward To: seeing her!
Next Appointment: next week / they will be weekly now 

Size of Baby: the bump says as big as a honey dew 
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  54 lbs. 
Maternity Clothes:  Yes. 
Gender:  You can see here but we are having a little diva!
Belly Button In/Out: I have an innie so it's out as much as I think it can be!
Stretch Marks: Yes, on my sides.
Labor Signs: false contractions. 
Movement: all the time! 
Sleep: Terrible!! I am in the bathroom every 2 hours. So I sleep about 4 hours maybe. But try and nap during the day!
Cravings/Aversions:  strawberry milk! I am avoiding everything that gives me GERD.
Symptoms: swelling, exhaustion, pelvic pain and back pain, still some nausea
Feeling: Ready to go! I feel less nervous because the nursery is ready now. 
Best Moment this Week: As weird as this sounds.. hearing the doctor saying she can feel her head. It is mind blowing! Also, we got our maternity pictures done!
What I Miss: Sleep and coffee with loads and loads of caffeine in it!
What I’m Looking Forward To: Next week - ultra sound!! how big is she now?! 
Next Appointment: next week 

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Mom to be with Chronic Pain

Thank you for commenting on my last post regarding my Fibromyalgia and my pregnancy and telling me that I'm stronger than I think I really appreciate that.
Sunday I was featured at Kate The (Almost) Great's blog for Spoonie Spotlight: click here to read about me and my story.
Yesterday I read an article in Parents Magazine about a mom who has MS and raising two children. I definitely recommend reading this article.  
Personally, I was given the paper work to fill out so I can park in handicap spots. I just never actually handed it in... I guess I was trying to always push myself to just walk even with my cane wherever I had to.  When I had to use my cane or a scooter, the amount of dirty looks others would give me including the elderly was enormous!  Please don't judge people when they're handicapped because you don't know the difficulties they go through.  We don't do what we do because we want to we do what we do because we have to.

I've adjusted my lifestyle to my pain needs.  We moved into a one level house which has few stairs.  The washer & dryer are on the same level.  I do use my cane when necessary and will use a scooter in the grocery store if I have to.  Walk until I can't and sleep whenever I have to.

But now things are going to be changing and I'm going to be a mom with chronic pain.  How am I going to deal?  I am lucky that I am going to be a stay at home mom for a bit until we get settled a bit with her.  That means I can still wear my comfortable clothes.  Leggings & tank tops. I also know when my niece was born, I could not hold her for long with out my arms giving. I made sure to get a Boppy (thanks to my friend E)!  I know many moms use the Boppy because it makes it easier for them to nurse.  I am using the Boppy for a better hold for when feeding her. I also bought the Boba Wrap for extra support and I can still be holding her just in a different way.

I want to make it known to women who have chronic pain who are thinking about children in their future to know that it can be done.  It will be a bit harder and if you're like me - you will just want one because that's all you can truly give. Give yourself and give your baby.

Personally, I am choosing not to nurse.  I want to get back on the medicine I was taking so I can be a happier healthier me.  That option may run different for you.  I am a firm believer I am doing the right thing for me and my baby. 

I would love to hear other tips if you have any on what I can do to make it easier to care for her and myself as a mom.



Fighting like a girl with Fibro

I never really talk too much about the conditions I have although before pregnancy it consumed my entire life. The past few days I am noticing some things that were not a majority pain or prominent during the main part of my pregnancy, a lot of the pain that I felt was extra back pain or extra hip pain because obviously the pressure and weight of the baby onto the normal Fibromyalgia pain stuff. 

I think it all started about three days ago. My ankle gave out (I think). Years back my ankles would just give all the time and I would think that I was spraining them and then I would go to the doctor and they would tell me it was a strain. This would happen so many times I just gave up and had to switch footwear. So pretty much bye cute shoes and hello sneakers because at the end of the day my ankles are turned out to be a huge softball - huge! I don't know if I twisted it but it's swollen and feels bruised so anyways it's in a wrap for the third day.

The top of my right thigh feeling sensation is gone, the nerve is so damaged. Prior to pregnancy, I saw a back surgeon (even though we had to put off serious back surgery) for injections to try and re-awake my nerves. It works for just a small amount of my thigh and the doctor said that's pretty much all the feeling I would get back.  I could get injections once every three months.  Because I got pregnant I could not get my 2nd injection to know if I would get any further feeling back. Two nights ago I noticed that my thigh was very tingly again and now when I lay on it I feel the actual pain from it which sounds weird because my nerves are damaged how can I feel pain but that's one of the things that I have its super painful but there's no sensation if I touch my thigh.

I want others to know I am not a wuss and I am strong.  And the multiple days I would miss work was not because I am lazy it’s because I tried and was not able to conquer the pain that day.

I look up to these women who have RA and they bust their butts hiking and running in marathon I think it's amazing I wish I could. Last year I proved myself that I could do more than I thought by pushing the heck out of myself.  I was in physical therapy for about two years and it took me the last year to realize that I can do what I thought was impossible.
I started walking five minutes a day and increase that up to an hour and a half. My furthest was 3 miles!
It's something I'm so proud of because the days that I walked I felt really good and I got my self-confidence back and I started feeling healthy I watch what I ate and I chose healthy foods and I just made better choices for myself.

I was hoping during pregnancy I would keep fit.  I did my best by walking back and forth to the store, work, and home.  I did my best like I said.  Other women are very active during their pregnancy but thanks to Fibro I was not able to stay fully fit.

I think my sleep is affecting my pain a lot. With Fibro you need a good amount of rest to have less pain.  But if you have too much pain or very pregnant and can’t get that sleep it equals more pain. Catch 22.
Besides no sleep the amount of anxiety and stress can affect pain as well.  And what pregnant woman isn't all of that?

This is just a little bit of my everyday life.  I normally don’t open up about it because I don’t want others to think I am complaining. I just want to share.


Counting down

I am just counting down the weeks and days until our baby girl is here. 7 weeks in case you lost count! I am having the bitter sweet moments of excited for her to arrive but will miss her growing with in me. I never thought it would be possible. Every miscarriage I had, made me believe I didn't deserve to be a mom or could not be one.  And here I am 8 months pregnant, carrying a healthy active baby girl! VERY active !

A couple weeks ago was my not a surprise baby shower.  A snow storm hit and a lot of people could not make it. I wish I could remember the details but I was super stressed out and anxious that I went into a different state of mind. We are grateful for the people who made it and for the gifts and lots of baby girl clothing we received. We got the diaper bag as a gift from family and because we are not revealing her name until her birthday they designed it with Lil Diva.

We still have to put the crib up and hang up the wall decorations and my mom still has to re-furniture the rocking chair. We picked up really cute fabric for the rocking chair when Jo-Ann's had a big sale.

I sent in my resignation to work last Monday.  I wasn't coming into work anymore and it wasn't fair to them for keeping me on the schedule. The biggest thing is I was coming up on 13 years with the company. I guess when one door opens (being a mom) another one closes (goodbye work).

This blog post is taking me awhile to write and I really had things to write.  Pregnancy brain & tired brain!!

Valentines day is coming up. I have not been a fan the past two years.  I miscarried the same time each year.  7 & 8 weeks and to me they are still angels.
This year I hope to turn it around and still remember them but be thankful for the little girl inside me kicking me in the ribs! And I am happy that my husband has off to celebrate as well!

Shortly we will be getting our maternity pictures done as well! My aunt is really great with her camera and has a lot of practice with her two children!

I'm sorry for the short post. I just can't remember a thing what I wanted to type.
It's late and I didn't sleep last night so I am going to attempt it now.

Hopefully I will figure out what I wanted to write about!


Oh Baby! 33 weeks!

How far Along: 33 weeks
Size of Baby: What to Expect says a head of lettuce. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  48 lbs. *in 3 weeks I lost 1 lb though
Maternity Clothes:  Yes. 
Gender:  You can see here but we are having a little diva!
Belly Button In/Out: In between in and out. It doesn't bother me… it just shows all my scars from having surgery for endometriosis so it just puts a lot of things in perspective.
Stretch Marks: Yes, on my sides.
Labor Signs: Not yet! I think I keep getting those Braxton Hicks Contractions though.
Movement: Non stop! She swims, kicks, and punches!
Sleep: It has gotten better. She sometimes stays up all night and then I cannot sleep. But I am able to get more comfortable easier.
Cravings/Aversions:  Smoothies. I am avoiding everything that gives me GERD. Which is about everything!
Symptoms: Back / hip pain. Pressure. swollen ankles. reflux. potty breaks. pregnancy brain. rashes. stuffy /bloody nose.  
Feeling: Drained.
Best Moment this Week: Hearing her heart beat !! Knowing she is doing so well. Its just such a miracle this is even happening to us. I constantly can't believe I am pregnant and this far along! We are very happy!
What I Miss: Medicine. Meaning muscle relaxers. My back is just killer between pregnancy & fibro.
What I’m Looking Forward To: Putting together the nursery. 
Milestones: She's got her own immune system now!
Next Appointment: 2 weeks.

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Move it move it

I moved from WordPress!!

The main reason I have not been blogging is because I am exhausted and had a lot of things going on and didn't know how to put feelings into words.

I hope to catch up because I missed 3 weeks of blogging. Wow time went by really fast.

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 - A