5 Fave Friday

1. Target Cartwheel App
I realize I am hopping on the bandwagon late. I am glad its there since I am a Target addict! I have not saved a lot. However, the last time I was there I wouldn't have saved the $1 and change if it wasn't for the scan option. I think that is the best thing.  If you aren't sure if there is a percentage off just choose SCAN PRODUCT. It will tell you if an offer applies or not. Thank you Target - now if you only let me use this for online products that would be the best!

2. Pampers Rewards
I am not a name brand girl. I do love Pampers. I tried Target brand diapers and they blew out every time and left a very unwanted mess.  I currently am using Luvs because someone gave me a bunch and I am going to use them up. I love Pampers Swaddlers because the poop stays in there! And then you get a code in the package. You add the code to pampers.com (after you join) and the points just add up.  I finally had enough points that I am getting free prints from Shutterfly.  Not only do I get free prints from my points.  But I also get free gifts! For Fathers day I get a free mug from Shutterfly!

3.Filled Twizzlers
I am obsessed with these. I like the gooey filling.  It kind of reminds me of this candy: Wonka KazoOzles.

4. Burn Notice
If you didn't watch the series when it was on USA Network (2007-2013), then you can hop on Netflix and binge watch it from the beginning.  This was one of our favorite shows. It is about Michael Weston gets burned from being a spy and then tries to find who did this and why etc. While doing this he has his friends (Sam & Fiona) help others in bad situations.  If you are wondering where we got the name and love the name Fiona - there you go.

5. Sesame Street
For keeping my little girl content. It is the only thing that she watches at least for 15 minutes just laughing and kicking away. It is still super for littles - even at 2 months!

What's your 5 favorite things this week?


5 Fave Friday

baby v.1

1. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play

I was a bit apprehensive about buying something expensive knowing she wouldn't stay in it long. However, I did not read one bad thing about this from the customer reviews as well as the all the moms I asked. Fiona was just sleeping in her Graco Pack N Play because she does not like her crib just yet.  I would have to pick her up and rock her back to sleep over and over.  Needless to say - she sleeps perfectly in this! It has been a nice blessing knowing she sleeps right by me and I can just rock her to sleep when she fusses. It is well worth it and I recommend this to any new mom!

2. NoseFrida Snotsucker
Two weeks ago I was really sick and of course I passed my cold to Fiona. She was extremely congested and had a slight cough.  You could hear all the snot on her chest.  The bulb I got from the ER (because she had this problem when she was 3 weeks old) was not working. I asked my mom friends and they all love the NoseFrida! Needless to say the night Fiona slept a whole 3 hours I went to Buy Buy Baby the next morning and bought it. Mr was willing to try anything because it is extremely hard to see your little one sick.  Unfortunately, Fiona still has a bit of congestion but I am so happy this little nose sucker has been helping her breathe much easier and has removed more snot than any green bulb! Ps. It does seem like a weird thing to do but you will do anything for your child.

3. Little Remedies Nasal Spray
Along with the NoseFrida this has been very helpful! At 3 weeks I had to take Fiona to the ER (after consulting the nurses hotline) because she was wheezing when trying to eat and then barely had any formula.  The ER had their own snot sucker and it clogged their tube a couple times.  After cleaning out her nose she ate 4 oz. That's when they gave us the big green bulb and told us to use saline they provided.  After this ran out, I did buy a regular saline bottle but found it hard to put in her nose.  This brand is made just for littles and you can either use it as a dropper or a spray.  We use the spray frequently before the NoseFrida.  The bottle is actually half gone! It is one of our favorite baby products and recommend it to any one with a little who is sick!

4. Boppy

The Boppy was on my registry and my good friend Erin gave me hers because she did not use it (she has 3 boys - so that's why it's a blue cover). I wanted this to help me with feeding her because of my poor strength in my arms. It helped a lot in the very beginning for this reason. Now we use this for play time.  Fiona love sitting on her Boppy! We listen to her music or just sit and have our conversations.

5. Pandora 
We spend every day singing and learning new nursery rhymes! Fiona loves music and it is a great way for both of us to spend time together!
Thankful for Pandora and these 3 playlists:
Toddler Radio
Nursery Rhyme Medley
Baby Lullaby Radio

** Note ** 
These are all my opinions and was not paid for any of the baby items I recommend in this post.

What are your favorite 5's this week?


Oh Baby! She's Born!

Fiona Lorraine Dieter
Born| March 31st 2015
7 lbs 8 oz
22 in

After 3 false alarms. I went into the hospital March 30th. I was not dilated at all. I had to take a pill every 4 hours and then at 9 am the next morning start the IV to be induced. By 5 pm we thought I might end up with a C section. A little after 7 I was finally fully dilated. I pushed for 3 hours, she was suctioned out, and I tore really bad. At 10:40 pm she was born - thankfully not born on April Fools Day!
Fiona was healthy and after a lot of pain medication I would be alright as well. 
I don't remember the actual pain I was in while having her. But I do remember saying to the dr I want a c section now. He said I couldn't bc she was half way out & I told him to put her back in! And anything else I said was nothing that made any sense besides "get her out / get her out now"! 

The hospital was fantastic & so was the staff. They made the experience well worth it! 

If you're wondering we are not planning on having another baby. After 4 years & 2 miscarriages - I just cannot.


Oh Baby ! Guess the name!

Baby Dieters name is a secret. We did this to make the day more special for us and a nice surprise for our family and friends. It does not feel like anyone understands this. But they have no choice!
I am just making this fun and making this post a guessing game. If you do guess it correctly... I will send you a little something in the mail! 
You won't know until she's born though & she's a late baby! 

• She is a princess
• She is a singer
• She is a bad ass
• She is a mean aunt
• She is an actress
• She is under 200 of name rank
• She is a politician
• She is a journalist

And these are the clues I can reveal. 
Comment Below and Good Luck


5 Fave Friday

Received this gift from my good friend Jana (read her blog here - she started blogging again). I just couldn't stop crying. I can't tell you how much this meant to me. And I am sure she knows this.
Also, if you're interested in getting this shirt for someone you can find their site here.

Making these paper pinwheels for baby girl's room. I wish I would have worked with hot glue before... yeah I just started in December. It makes it way easier than tape.

3. You can now find me on Poshmark! I will be selling a lot of maternity clothes on there and after the baby I have other things that are packed that I will be selling - non maternity. I hope to sell clothing to basically get clothing. Because we wont have that extra cash just floating about.  Hopefully I have better luck than the Facebook Yard Sales.

4. Mesh underwear the hospital gives you. I know this is a weird favorite. But if I had these the entire pregnancy I would have been a much happier person. I now have to buy all new underwear for how many that I ripped because of my huge hips! Any thoughts on comfortable underwear after pregnancy? Or even just affordable comfortable? I usually by Joe Boxer. I did have some Aeri in the mix too!

Seriously how adorable are these!?! I want one for our little! 
These were at the grocery store where my husband works.  As soon as I know what hair color she has... I mean my guy is dark. Because we both have very dark hair. And she is supposed to have a lot of it. I will have him pick her up one!! 

-My favorites this week weren't a lot. As I have been in and out of the hospital lately with false alarms and doctor visits. I have just been watching TV and taking naps.  Hoping next week's favorites has something to do with our baby girl - as in her arrival!? 

What are your favorites this week? Leave a comment down below! 


Oh Baby! 40 weeks!

Size of Baby: the bump says a jackfruit & what to expect says watermelon
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 63 lbs gained.   Water weight galore
Maternity Clothes:  I wear leggings & even those can get uncomfortable. I have about 3 shirts that fit : so those I wear out in public. Otherwise it's my husbands tees!
Gender:  You can see here but we are having a little diva!
Belly Button In/Out: I have an innie and most of it is out but it's weird looking!
Stretch Marks: Yes. My bump exploded with them!
Labor Signs: contractions... But no baby! More on that below.
Movement: She loves to move it, but there is no room left!
Sleep: i sleep between 2 - 5 hours at night. 5 being a good night / possibly if I take benedryl. I tend to just rely on daytime naps.
Cravings/Aversions:  it was still sweets this week. I avoid all spicy & garlic food!
Symptoms: swollen hands, feet, face. Pregnancy mask. Lower back & hip pain. False contractions. Bad preggy brain! Very tired. Stuffy & bloody nose. Frequent bathroom trips. No balance. Really thirsty. Sore boobs. Reflux. Uncomfortable & pressure. Lightning crotch. Hard core emotional. Throbbing feet! 
Feeling: emotional, anxious, impatient, worried
Best Moment this Week: Hearing her being monitored. Knowing that she's okay in there. 
What I Miss: A little bit of everything at this point & iced coffee :)
What I’m Looking Forward To: the day she arrives! Whenever that maybe!
Next Appointment: Friday 
Monday my contractions started at about 5:45 am. They continued to get much worse & closer together. Because we live about 40 minutes from the hospital my husband wanted to wait this time to make sure it was the real deal. Finally after 2 1/2 hours I called the dr & was told to go to the hospital. We got there & I told the nurses (for the 3rd time) this is it! And 3 hours later after being completely violated (some nurses need to know gentle vs not) I was released. No difference in how far I'm dilated. The 2 nurses were really nice! Thankfully as I cried. We then came home & I ate loads of chocolate & slept.
Tuesday I had my regular dr appointment. Had my NST
I had to drink some soda to wake her up. And then she was good! 
And only had 1 contraction! 

We discussed (unfortunately) what dr would be be there for delivery. It won't be him - so I do have to see a different dr Friday to see what the next step is. Because I'm passed my due date.


5 Fave Friday

Blueberry raspberry peeps & sour watermelon peeps. The bomb. And I need more!

Days like this past Tuesday. It was aodt 60 & beautiful!

Getting gifts in the mail!
 Sweet Brittany (http://asouthernceliac.com) sent these for our baby girl! Very thoughtful & I'm thankful for our friendship! 

Blueberry Iced Tea from Dunkin. This is my new I gotta have tea! Like I need to find out how to make it at home!!

Root Beer floats. Something so simple but great after a crappy day! 

What are your favorites this week? I'd love to know!