5 Fave Friday

1. Target Cartwheel App
I realize I am hopping on the bandwagon late. I am glad its there since I am a Target addict! I have not saved a lot. However, the last time I was there I wouldn't have saved the $1 and change if it wasn't for the scan option. I think that is the best thing.  If you aren't sure if there is a percentage off just choose SCAN PRODUCT. It will tell you if an offer applies or not. Thank you Target - now if you only let me use this for online products that would be the best!

2. Pampers Rewards
I am not a name brand girl. I do love Pampers. I tried Target brand diapers and they blew out every time and left a very unwanted mess.  I currently am using Luvs because someone gave me a bunch and I am going to use them up. I love Pampers Swaddlers because the poop stays in there! And then you get a code in the package. You add the code to pampers.com (after you join) and the points just add up.  I finally had enough points that I am getting free prints from Shutterfly.  Not only do I get free prints from my points.  But I also get free gifts! For Fathers day I get a free mug from Shutterfly!

3.Filled Twizzlers
I am obsessed with these. I like the gooey filling.  It kind of reminds me of this candy: Wonka KazoOzles.

4. Burn Notice
If you didn't watch the series when it was on USA Network (2007-2013), then you can hop on Netflix and binge watch it from the beginning.  This was one of our favorite shows. It is about Michael Weston gets burned from being a spy and then tries to find who did this and why etc. While doing this he has his friends (Sam & Fiona) help others in bad situations.  If you are wondering where we got the name and love the name Fiona - there you go.

5. Sesame Street
For keeping my little girl content. It is the only thing that she watches at least for 15 minutes just laughing and kicking away. It is still super for littles - even at 2 months!

What's your 5 favorite things this week?


  1. I used to love Stuffed Twizzlers. They're so tasty! I miss them. I need to download the Cartwheel app.

    1. I pretty much lived on them for a month. I will miss them too!