Monthly Favorites

+ Baths are making pregnancy easier and much relaxing.  It is not recommended to uses bubbles so I turn to these bath salts.  [Village Natural Therapy]
+ The Shea sugar scrub smells the very best and my skin is amazingly soft and my dry hands that were cracking are not any longer! They are almost healed! [Tree Hut]
+ This shampoo smells great and doesn't leave my hair oily. [Conceived by Nature]
+ It's not just this mud pac but all these little face masks are great! My face feels so smooth right after! [MUD PAC]
+ If you sweat a lot and hate re-applying your deodorant a couple times a day, I would get this.  It does last 48 hours. But I spray it on after my shower or before I go out somewhere each day.  It is now ONCE a day though! I love it! [Dove Dry Spray]

What are your monthly favorites?


  1. I'm going to buy that dry spray too! Can't wait to try it out!!

    1. I made sure to cut a coupon out and saved $4 on it! But still totally worth it!

    2. I bought it, paid $5 lol oh well

  2. I absolutely love those stress & tension bath salts.

  3. I love it and looking on their site - I want to get more things they have! And see if that works! Like the cold & allergy!!
    I will probably fit in the bath a lot easier after having her hahaha!