Oh Baby! Bags Packed.

The hospital that I will be delivering at  has a list of what they recommend to bring located on their website. 
I will double check when I go to our prenatal class Saturday.
[Always double check with your hospital to find out what you need specifically, since each location is different.]

I also read many blogs and watched YouTube videos on what to pack and not pack and especially not to over pack! I used a basic duffle bag that my husband had. It seemed to fit everything in and the side has our toiletries.

My Clothing
+ nightgown (Walmart)
+ 2 tank tops (Motherhood Maternity)
+ yoga pants (Kohls) & black leggings (No Nonsense)
+ maternity striped tee (Old Navy)
+ pink fleece (Kohls)
[not pictured]
+ comfortable socks, slippers, robe, underwear, and bra
+ Over night wear for Steve
Our Toiletries
Mark bag includes
+ Dry Shampoo
+ Brushes
+ Head Band & Hair Ties
+ Chapstick
+ Concealer, cover up, and eye shadow
Leather bag includes:
+ My inhaler
+ Deodorants
+ Lotion
+ Shampoo & Conditioner
+ Body wash
+ Toothbrushes / Paste / Mouth Wash
Blue Clear Bag:
+ Pads

Our Diaper Bag
(Thirty One Bag)
+ Munchkin Diaper Change Travel Kit (here)
+ Baby Book (Gift)
+ Camera & Memory & Charger (Nikon)
+ Receiving Blanket (Gift)
+ Beanie (Gift from UK) & Cap (Child of Mine by Carter's)
+ Gloves (Gift from UK) & Mittens (Child of Mine by Carter's)
+ Fleece Jacket (Target)
+ Polar Bear outfit / Size Newborn (Child of Mine by Carter's)
+ Pink Onesie & jean leggings / Size 0-3 mo. (Target)
+ Socks (Kmart)
+ Lace Headband (Gift)

We have a smaller bag that has a bunch of snacks in it.
I also have a coin purse full of quarters.
In my purse I carry my birth plan, insurance card, and a book.
The list also said to bring your favorite pillow.

Am I missing something?
What did you bring? Did you over pack? I am sure I did a bit. But I rather have choices because I am very very indecisive person.


  1. I think you might have over-packed a little bit. ;) But I can't judge, I always overpack for anything. What if I NEED something and I don't have it?

    1. I am just not sure what I will be comfortable in afterwards. And yeah I normally over pack but I normally do worse!

  2. Wow that is a lot of stuff!! I love the diaper bag, so cute! I can't offer you any advice, no kids here :)

    1. Thank you! A lot of women around here use the thirty one bags for their kids. I will see how it works! My husbands aunt put Lil Diva on it because the name is a secret! And when we did announce that it was a girl, it was by a bowling ball called Diva!

  3. Having never given birth I have no idea what to pack haha. I was told that having extension cords or power strips are a good thing to pack. Then you can make sure everything is always charged. I don't think there's any harm in having too many things packed. I always overpack.

    1. That's very interesting! I would have never thought of that! luckily We both just have an iphone and not really many gadgets! But I will be sure to pass that a long!
      I am normally so much worse! My husband always yells when we go away but then I don't have to freak out for not having anything!

  4. If you plan to breastfeed....those bra pads to soak up leakage and nipple cream to help with cracking/prevent bleeding. Both, A MUST! I didn't need any pads of my own with my first born (I'm expecting our 2nd in 4 weeks, give or take) because the hospital provided me with as many GIANT pads that I needed. But make sure your stock at home is plentiful. I also stocked up on GIANT, full sized panties to fit all of my oversized pads in. I also have one piece of advice (which may not agree with you and that's cool) in regards to the baby clothes. I remember my daughter living in sleep sacks and the softest one-pieces (like a body suit) that zipped or buttoned up. The little baby jeggings are super cute, but these little bodies need so many diaper changes in the beginning that it becomes a pain to continuously pull pants up and down..and their skin is so fragile and soft that I didn't want to cause any extra friction I guess. They're also always wrapped up in the swaddle blanket, that bringing a large wardrobe wasn't necessary. For my upcoming baby, I'm bringing a little head beanie, a plain button up footsy PJ and a simple onesie. Congrats on expecting and good for you for getting the bag packed. I've yet to pack ours :( -Misty

    1. I have those little pads with because I heard I could leak... not sure? But I am not breast feeding.
      I found out today at the hospital some things they will provide so I wont be taking with pads. And just underwear for when I am going home. Because they provide underwear as well. I am also taking out the night gown. They said just to bring with a pillow because those looked so uncomfortable! As well as my own toiletries.
      Regarding the babies outfit. Is pretty much just for pictures and then when she gets home I will be changing her into something comfy and plain. :)

  5. Hooray for being super prepared!

    1. Danielle, it seriously only came with pregnancy! haha!