Oh Baby! 33 weeks!

How far Along: 33 weeks
Size of Baby: What to Expect says a head of lettuce. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  48 lbs. *in 3 weeks I lost 1 lb though
Maternity Clothes:  Yes. 
Gender:  You can see here but we are having a little diva!
Belly Button In/Out: In between in and out. It doesn't bother me… it just shows all my scars from having surgery for endometriosis so it just puts a lot of things in perspective.
Stretch Marks: Yes, on my sides.
Labor Signs: Not yet! I think I keep getting those Braxton Hicks Contractions though.
Movement: Non stop! She swims, kicks, and punches!
Sleep: It has gotten better. She sometimes stays up all night and then I cannot sleep. But I am able to get more comfortable easier.
Cravings/Aversions:  Smoothies. I am avoiding everything that gives me GERD. Which is about everything!
Symptoms: Back / hip pain. Pressure. swollen ankles. reflux. potty breaks. pregnancy brain. rashes. stuffy /bloody nose.  
Feeling: Drained.
Best Moment this Week: Hearing her heart beat !! Knowing she is doing so well. Its just such a miracle this is even happening to us. I constantly can't believe I am pregnant and this far along! We are very happy!
What I Miss: Medicine. Meaning muscle relaxers. My back is just killer between pregnancy & fibro.
What I’m Looking Forward To: Putting together the nursery. 
Milestones: She's got her own immune system now!
Next Appointment: 2 weeks.

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