Counting down

I am just counting down the weeks and days until our baby girl is here. 7 weeks in case you lost count! I am having the bitter sweet moments of excited for her to arrive but will miss her growing with in me. I never thought it would be possible. Every miscarriage I had, made me believe I didn't deserve to be a mom or could not be one.  And here I am 8 months pregnant, carrying a healthy active baby girl! VERY active !

A couple weeks ago was my not a surprise baby shower.  A snow storm hit and a lot of people could not make it. I wish I could remember the details but I was super stressed out and anxious that I went into a different state of mind. We are grateful for the people who made it and for the gifts and lots of baby girl clothing we received. We got the diaper bag as a gift from family and because we are not revealing her name until her birthday they designed it with Lil Diva.

We still have to put the crib up and hang up the wall decorations and my mom still has to re-furniture the rocking chair. We picked up really cute fabric for the rocking chair when Jo-Ann's had a big sale.

I sent in my resignation to work last Monday.  I wasn't coming into work anymore and it wasn't fair to them for keeping me on the schedule. The biggest thing is I was coming up on 13 years with the company. I guess when one door opens (being a mom) another one closes (goodbye work).

This blog post is taking me awhile to write and I really had things to write.  Pregnancy brain & tired brain!!

Valentines day is coming up. I have not been a fan the past two years.  I miscarried the same time each year.  7 & 8 weeks and to me they are still angels.
This year I hope to turn it around and still remember them but be thankful for the little girl inside me kicking me in the ribs! And I am happy that my husband has off to celebrate as well!

Shortly we will be getting our maternity pictures done as well! My aunt is really great with her camera and has a lot of practice with her two children!

I'm sorry for the short post. I just can't remember a thing what I wanted to type.
It's late and I didn't sleep last night so I am going to attempt it now.

Hopefully I will figure out what I wanted to write about!


  1. Seven weeks! This is insane! I can't believe you are that so close!

    I can't wait to see the maternity photos!

    1. I think it's 6 weeks now! Because I'm 34 weeks now! I lose count - I just know it's so very close! Hopefully we are taking pictures next weekend!