Mom to be with Chronic Pain

Thank you for commenting on my last post regarding my Fibromyalgia and my pregnancy and telling me that I'm stronger than I think I really appreciate that.
Sunday I was featured at Kate The (Almost) Great's blog for Spoonie Spotlight: click here to read about me and my story.
Yesterday I read an article in Parents Magazine about a mom who has MS and raising two children. I definitely recommend reading this article.  
Personally, I was given the paper work to fill out so I can park in handicap spots. I just never actually handed it in... I guess I was trying to always push myself to just walk even with my cane wherever I had to.  When I had to use my cane or a scooter, the amount of dirty looks others would give me including the elderly was enormous!  Please don't judge people when they're handicapped because you don't know the difficulties they go through.  We don't do what we do because we want to we do what we do because we have to.

I've adjusted my lifestyle to my pain needs.  We moved into a one level house which has few stairs.  The washer & dryer are on the same level.  I do use my cane when necessary and will use a scooter in the grocery store if I have to.  Walk until I can't and sleep whenever I have to.

But now things are going to be changing and I'm going to be a mom with chronic pain.  How am I going to deal?  I am lucky that I am going to be a stay at home mom for a bit until we get settled a bit with her.  That means I can still wear my comfortable clothes.  Leggings & tank tops. I also know when my niece was born, I could not hold her for long with out my arms giving. I made sure to get a Boppy (thanks to my friend E)!  I know many moms use the Boppy because it makes it easier for them to nurse.  I am using the Boppy for a better hold for when feeding her. I also bought the Boba Wrap for extra support and I can still be holding her just in a different way.

I want to make it known to women who have chronic pain who are thinking about children in their future to know that it can be done.  It will be a bit harder and if you're like me - you will just want one because that's all you can truly give. Give yourself and give your baby.

Personally, I am choosing not to nurse.  I want to get back on the medicine I was taking so I can be a happier healthier me.  That option may run different for you.  I am a firm believer I am doing the right thing for me and my baby. 

I would love to hear other tips if you have any on what I can do to make it easier to care for her and myself as a mom.


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