Fighting like a girl with Fibro

I never really talk too much about the conditions I have although before pregnancy it consumed my entire life. The past few days I am noticing some things that were not a majority pain or prominent during the main part of my pregnancy, a lot of the pain that I felt was extra back pain or extra hip pain because obviously the pressure and weight of the baby onto the normal Fibromyalgia pain stuff. 

I think it all started about three days ago. My ankle gave out (I think). Years back my ankles would just give all the time and I would think that I was spraining them and then I would go to the doctor and they would tell me it was a strain. This would happen so many times I just gave up and had to switch footwear. So pretty much bye cute shoes and hello sneakers because at the end of the day my ankles are turned out to be a huge softball - huge! I don't know if I twisted it but it's swollen and feels bruised so anyways it's in a wrap for the third day.

The top of my right thigh feeling sensation is gone, the nerve is so damaged. Prior to pregnancy, I saw a back surgeon (even though we had to put off serious back surgery) for injections to try and re-awake my nerves. It works for just a small amount of my thigh and the doctor said that's pretty much all the feeling I would get back.  I could get injections once every three months.  Because I got pregnant I could not get my 2nd injection to know if I would get any further feeling back. Two nights ago I noticed that my thigh was very tingly again and now when I lay on it I feel the actual pain from it which sounds weird because my nerves are damaged how can I feel pain but that's one of the things that I have its super painful but there's no sensation if I touch my thigh.

I want others to know I am not a wuss and I am strong.  And the multiple days I would miss work was not because I am lazy it’s because I tried and was not able to conquer the pain that day.

I look up to these women who have RA and they bust their butts hiking and running in marathon I think it's amazing I wish I could. Last year I proved myself that I could do more than I thought by pushing the heck out of myself.  I was in physical therapy for about two years and it took me the last year to realize that I can do what I thought was impossible.
I started walking five minutes a day and increase that up to an hour and a half. My furthest was 3 miles!
It's something I'm so proud of because the days that I walked I felt really good and I got my self-confidence back and I started feeling healthy I watch what I ate and I chose healthy foods and I just made better choices for myself.

I was hoping during pregnancy I would keep fit.  I did my best by walking back and forth to the store, work, and home.  I did my best like I said.  Other women are very active during their pregnancy but thanks to Fibro I was not able to stay fully fit.

I think my sleep is affecting my pain a lot. With Fibro you need a good amount of rest to have less pain.  But if you have too much pain or very pregnant and can’t get that sleep it equals more pain. Catch 22.
Besides no sleep the amount of anxiety and stress can affect pain as well.  And what pregnant woman isn't all of that?

This is just a little bit of my everyday life.  I normally don’t open up about it because I don’t want others to think I am complaining. I just want to share.


  1. You are strong!
    Don't beat yourself up at any point. Do what your body allows you to do, because by doing so you are loving your body in the process. If you are unable, love your body even more and give it the nurturing it deserves.

    I'm glad you were able to share this, Amanda. <3

    1. Thanks Danielle! You are just such a sweet friend!

  2. You are strong and by no means a wuss! I think you are so brave and you have to listen to your body! Listen to the signs and don't force yourself to do things you can't! Give yourself and your body what you need! Hugs xxx

    1. i read this on a really bad day and this cheered me up so much! thank you Chrissy! Hugs