Oh Baby! 38 Weeks!

Size of Baby: 39 cm (when the doc measures my belly) and at 37 weeks she was 6 lbs & 14 oz
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  61 gained & I'm telling you right now. So much water weight! 
Maternity Clothes:  Yes. However, most don't fit me. Everything seems shorter! 
Gender:  You can see here but we are having a little diva!
Belly Button In/Out: I have an innie but now it really is half out!
Stretch Marks: Yes, on my sides & some on the bump.
Labor Signs: false contractions. 
Movement: she goes goes goes! 
Sleep: i sleep between 2 - 5 hours at night. 5 being a good night / possibly if I take benedryl. I tend to just rely on daytime naps.
Cravings/Aversions:  junk food. I am doing my very best to avoid it & made sure to buy a lot of healthy food. Especially to keep making smoothies! I avoid a lot of food to try & stay away from reflux but most times it just doesn't matter! 
Symptoms: swollen hands, feet, face. Pregnancy mask. Lower back & hip pain. False contractions. Bad preggy brain! Very tired. Stuffy & bloody nose. Frequent bathroom trips. No balance. Really thirsty. Sore boobs. Reflux. Uncomfortable & pressure. Lightning crotch. Hard core emotional. Throbbing feet! 
Feeling: emotional, anxious, impatient 
Best Moment this Week: actually it was last week: my ultra sound - I got to see her squishy face & she really looked mad! I loved that!
What I Miss: sleep, coffee, muscle relaxers (due to my chronic pain)
What I’m Looking Forward To: the day she arrives!
Next Appointment: next week / unless... 
I have not been the very best at weekly updates. I have tried my very best. 
Last Saturday we went to a prenatal class. It was a small group of 3. 21 weeks, 32 weeks, & me 37 / 38 weeks (I'm 38 & some days). It was almost 3 hrs long & $30 (which no one told me about the $ & I was glad my husband had cash on him). It was well worth it! It was a time we experienced as we were really going to be parents. I did some stretching, breathing, learned how to correctly push (not with your face/ teeth clenched), chin down & hold your legs. I thought it as what you do when your constipated and how to correctly push for popping. Watched a video that was weird but informative. Took a tour of the birthing area. The room was very nice & everything will happen in that room (unless c/section). Knowing we will not have a crazy amount of different nurses because they work 12 hour shifts is nice. It's not a big hospital & I actually really like that! And most important, the Mr. approved! 
I got the nesting feeling at 8 months. So the nursery is ready. The rest of the house is getting there. The pack n play is up.
And per husband it is never coming apart! We out not fond over Gracos instructions! We meaning him!
I have been resting a lot. I get swollen so quickly. But I try my best to do what I can, even if it's sitting drying dishes or cleaning the fridge. 
Now... I impatiently wait! 


  1. 38 weeks! I feel like this has flown by.
    Those pack and plays are always such a pain in the butt!

    1. Some how the weeks are going a bit faster - yet not fast enough! ha!
      We have another pack n play that we are going to put in our patio for the better weather. Steve told me I have to put it together ha!

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  3. Wow this sounds very hard!!!! It seems like you're going through a rough time, I've never been pregnant before so I'm not sure.

    1. Pregnancy is different for everyone. Some women love to be pregnant. I might have if I wasn't sick for a lot of it or if I didn't have my other health problems.