Oh Baby ! Guess the name!

Baby Dieters name is a secret. We did this to make the day more special for us and a nice surprise for our family and friends. It does not feel like anyone understands this. But they have no choice!
I am just making this fun and making this post a guessing game. If you do guess it correctly... I will send you a little something in the mail! 
You won't know until she's born though & she's a late baby! 

• She is a princess
• She is a singer
• She is a bad ass
• She is a mean aunt
• She is an actress
• She is under 200 of name rank
• She is a politician
• She is a journalist

And these are the clues I can reveal. 
Comment Below and Good Luck


  1. Barbara Berke3/29/2015 8:05 AM


  2. I'm going to guess Kate?!

  3. I'm terrible at guessing games but I am excited to find out! Also, don't geel badly about not wanting to share the baby's name, my husband and I never even pick a name until after the baby's born and we see him or her, and some of our friends and family get frustrated about that, lol. :)