5 Fave Friday

Received this gift from my good friend Jana (read her blog here - she started blogging again). I just couldn't stop crying. I can't tell you how much this meant to me. And I am sure she knows this.
Also, if you're interested in getting this shirt for someone you can find their site here.

Making these paper pinwheels for baby girl's room. I wish I would have worked with hot glue before... yeah I just started in December. It makes it way easier than tape.

3. You can now find me on Poshmark! I will be selling a lot of maternity clothes on there and after the baby I have other things that are packed that I will be selling - non maternity. I hope to sell clothing to basically get clothing. Because we wont have that extra cash just floating about.  Hopefully I have better luck than the Facebook Yard Sales.

4. Mesh underwear the hospital gives you. I know this is a weird favorite. But if I had these the entire pregnancy I would have been a much happier person. I now have to buy all new underwear for how many that I ripped because of my huge hips! Any thoughts on comfortable underwear after pregnancy? Or even just affordable comfortable? I usually by Joe Boxer. I did have some Aeri in the mix too!

Seriously how adorable are these!?! I want one for our little! 
These were at the grocery store where my husband works.  As soon as I know what hair color she has... I mean my guy is dark. Because we both have very dark hair. And she is supposed to have a lot of it. I will have him pick her up one!! 

-My favorites this week weren't a lot. As I have been in and out of the hospital lately with false alarms and doctor visits. I have just been watching TV and taking naps.  Hoping next week's favorites has something to do with our baby girl - as in her arrival!? 

What are your favorites this week? Leave a comment down below! 

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