[not sure who created this but its hysterical]

Besides being pregnant - here is what is going on in my life.

Reading: I honestly have been reading articles from the Parents Magazine I get. I do have the book "Girl Online" that I read when I'm waiting in the doctors office. I have not got into a good book in awhile. My mind is kind of pre-occupied. My Kindle Fire is well pooped out and only lasts a day and takes 2 or 3 days to charge. I cancelled my amazon book subscription.

Watching: New shows we are into: 1. CSI: Cyber that stars James Van Der Beek. It is a bit odd that he is doing something serious and an FBI agent. 2. Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates. You may remember him from Destination Truth and being a guest on Ghost Hunters.

Listening to: Pandora top stations are: 90s Pop Radio, Easy Listening Radio and Teen Pop Radio

Feeling: Exhausted & Emotional - which is typical for 39 weeks. Lonely - everyone has their own life and doesn't have time for me. My husband has been working extremely hard and I don't get the time I want with him and I know that will change once she is here.

Eating / Drinking: Chobani Greek Yogurt with fruit on the bottom. I wasn't a big fan of yogurt this whole pregnancy. 2 months ago I could put it in my smoothie and be okay and was hesitant when my husband brought it home for me. But so far 3 gone and I asked him to buy me more!
Gold Peak Iced Tea - I went through a bottle of it in one day. I really love their green tea.
 100%  Ocean Spray Juice - I recommend the cranberry mango.
Water .. lots of lots of water. I feel like if I put it in a tumbler that I tend to drink more than in a regular cup. As if I am accomplishing something.

Anticipating: Spring weather - the snow is finally almost melted and we are getting temps between 40s and 50s here. Our baby girl, she could come any day now & I hope she does.

New Apps: Bubble Witch 2, BlogLovin, Full Term, and My Fitness Pal

What are some of your currents??


  1. I will take your cool weather and give you Florida's. It was in the high 80's the other day. I think I just might have to check out that CSI show. I love James Van Der Bek. I especially liked him in The B in Apt 23. It's an old comedy that has since been cancelled (which I still can't understand) and it was HILARIOUS!

    I like that cat photo! Seriously could not stop laughing.

    1. He had another show last year & I tho that was funny & guess it got cancelled too! Friends with better lives.
      Please switch weather with me! :)

  2. I love listening to 90's music! I'm currently watching The Dark Knight Rises and waiting on homemade pizza. I am also currently in NJ!

    1. I love 90s music a whole heck of a lot! I have tons of CDs that when I'm not feeling well they go in the car & I turn it up! :)
      That's a good movie! We saw it in the drive in when it came out! :)
      How is the weather there? It's mighty gloomy in pa!

  3. That cat is cracking me up! I just read Fangirl and I tried to read The Accidental Highwayman but I couldn't get into it at all. Hopefully I'll find something new to read soon.

    1. I really feel like this cat more than ever! If the baby was here the whole world would know! ha! I would be so happy!!
      I am not sure - I see the books I will be reading will be for her not for me!