In my bag

I love reading and watching YouTuber's their what's in my bag. I guess I am a bit nosy. But really what blogger isn't?

Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez

While dumping everything out I did notice I over collect on receipts. I did not have any gum or gum wrappers since I am not a big gum chewer. Which is good because I used to be and a lot of purses got ruined that way.

Rice Cakes | Because we all need a healthy snack
Blistex (Orange Mango Blast) |  I normally keep this one and Raspberry Lemonade.
Cute panda | a Christmas gift. You can get yours at Forever 21. It is coconut scented.
Bath & Body Works PocketBac (Dancing waters) | a must in every purse
Sniff Tissues (VW Bug) | You can find these at 5 Below
Girl Online by Zoe Sugg | Christmas gift from husband. I wish I had brain functions to read it more. But I do while I am waiting for the doctor. It's always good to have a book in your purse. You never know when you have to wait or bored.
Everyday Wipes | I figured that since I will be a mom I will need these.  Turns out they are super handy now!
Step counter | This will help the days I actually am out and about and later with the baby.
Gemini pouch (I think from Ebay) | Pantiliners, Floss, Inhaler, Imodium (you wont believe how much this should be a must), a Zofran, and dry eyes drops.
Glasses pouch (Target last year) | no glasses in here. EOS hand lotion, e.l.f Matte Lip Color, e.l.f pressed powder
Grey Wallet with Studs | no money just a lot of doctor cards and store cards.
Very Bradley Zip Id Case (a gift 7 years ago) | I am keeping my quarters in for the hospital

Thirty One Gifts | the most important thing I realized being pregnant is this organizer. Coupons in one side, reminders for anything baby in my note pad, a calender from Target, and of course a Bow ties are cool pin.

That's everything in my bag for now.I also keep in hair ties and my cell.  I am not sure what I will have in after the baby. Thank goodness her diaper bag has a lot of room and tons of pockets.

What is a must for your bag? Do you keep a big bag or a small one? I clearly can't keep a small one.

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  1. I always had wipes in my car even before I had kids, they do come in super handy! I used to always have a book in my purse, but now I just have my smartphone to occupy my time, which is really sad. Although I do have a couple of toddler board books. :)