Oh Baby! 39 weeks!

Size of Baby:   At 37 weeks she was 6 lbs & 14 oz // the bump says as big as a watermelon 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 61 lbs gained.   Water weight galore
Maternity Clothes:  I wear leggings & even those can get uncomfortable. I have about 3 shirts that fit : so those I wear out in public. Otherwise it's my husbands tees!
Gender:  You can see here but we are having a little diva!
Belly Button In/Out: I have an innie and most of it is out but it's weird looking!
Stretch Marks: Yes. Lot more on my bump now! 
Labor Signs: contractions... But no baby! More on that below.
Movement: she punched husband in the face while he was laying on my belly! And kicked my cat Thomad when he was laying on her! :)
Sleep: i sleep between 2 - 5 hours at night. 5 being a good night / possibly if I take benedryl. I tend to just rely on daytime naps.
Cravings/Aversions:  sweets & sandwiches. This past weekend I wanted ice cream so bad that I cried hard core!. I avoid all spicy & garlic food!
Symptoms: swollen hands, feet, face. Pregnancy mask. Lower back & hip pain. False contractions. Bad preggy brain! Very tired. Stuffy & bloody nose. Frequent bathroom trips. No balance. Really thirsty. Sore boobs. Reflux. Uncomfortable & pressure. Lightning crotch. Hard core emotional. Throbbing feet! 
Feeling: emotional, anxious, impatient 
Best Moment this Week: Hearing her being monitored. She moves like crazy! 
What I Miss: not having severe gerd, being so much in weight bc it really takes a toll on my body & the chronic pain.
What I’m Looking Forward To: the day she arrives!
Next Appointment: next week / unless...

• Sunday night into Monday morning I was having contractions & every time I tried to sleep I couldn't get comfortable. I have the app Full Term & was using that to time it. They were really far apart so I just thought they would end. But In the morning they slowly got closer together so that for 1 hour they were 5 minutes apart. I called my dr and he had me go to the hospital to get checked out. It takes 40 minutes including morning work traffic. 
They hooked me up & my belly was getting monitored. My blood pressure was a bit higher again. 136/80. My ankles were swollen. You could hear the times I had contractions & then when she moved & her heart beat race. I got a check up from another dr that was filling in. Unfortunately I'm not even dilating. And I thought I was having a slow leak but doesn't appear to be. The contractions were now about 10 minutes apart.
The doctor and nurses were extremely nice! And stated it was better to come on and get checked out then to not. 
Things I learned: 1. I can have contractions all day. But they really only matter if they are 5 mins apart for longer then an hour. 2. Contractions gives you hot flashes.
After I got discharged I whined & got a shamrock shake! ( no sleep & it was 11 am - I have the zombie look going)

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  1. Aww poor you!! I hope you have this baby soon!! :) Can't wait to read all about it!